In 2021 probably every Salesforce developer knows, how to deploy LWC components to the Salesforce platform. It is also a well known, that you can use the LWC framework outside Salesforce as well.

The documentation is pretty good, but without prior frontend development experience it can be a little…

@wire in Lighting Web Components is a great feature. The most common use case is to connect the result of a backend call to property or method. The other key feature is that using the '$recordId' syntax, the input properties of the wired method are dynamically pushed to the backend.

I’ve got an email from Github that the Codespaces function is finally publicly available in beta. So I can delete Visual Studio Code and SFDX from my computer. Woohoo!

Why? Codespaces is a fully functional Visual Studio Code environment, which you can use from a browser and it’s linked to…

This post will describe how to create two dependent second-generation managed packages and how to share Apex code between them. The post assumes that you know SFDX and have some understanding about packaging.

Sharing Apex code is nothing new — you could do it before by making classes global; however…

I already examined how to automate some CI/CD tasks using GitLab (auth, testing and packaging). Good news — GitHub actions are available for everyone, so it’s time to run similar processes on GitHub as well! …

In the previous part we have talked about security and the JWT oAuth flow; and now we are going to use it and create some automated tests on GitLab! (you can do it on any other platform as well, the ideas are the same).

What CI/CLI pipelines do

It is very simple. Once some…

In this series I will show you how to set up a complete continues integration pipeline for Salesforce projects. In this particular solution, we will do the following steps:

  • Authenticate our server to our DevHub as well as to any existing orgs
  • Create scratch orgs, test integrity and run tests

3 ways to call an Apex method from Lightning Web Components

After wiring up SObjects, now we are looking into Apex backend integrations. It’s important to understand that a lot of things with SObjects can be done using services, so maybe you don’t need that many Apex at all! :)

Fixing the CRUD/FLS permission violation security issue for Salesforce quickly

No doubts, the CRUD/FLS (data leak) is the number one problem, when you send your new shiny Salesforce app to a security review. …


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